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Jared M. Barliant & Associates, P.C. has a history of winning key New Mexico Car Accident Cases. We understand the complexities of Personal Injury law in New Mexico. If you have been injured in New Mexico and are in need of a personal injury attorney, call our firm at (505) 471-5100. We will represent you and work aggressively to resolve your claim and maximize your recovery.
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You have been injured in an automobile or motorcycle collision;
You are a victim of a collision with an uninsured motorist;
You have a medical malpractice claim;
You suffered injuries due to a slip or trip and fall;
You have suffered a catastrophic injury;
You were injured by a defective product or machine; or
You are involved in an insurance dispute.
If you have been injured because someone else was careless or negligent you may have a right to financial compensation for the damages you suffered. Call Jared M. Barliant & Associates P.C. before you settle your insurance claim. We will ensure you get the full amount you deserve.
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